Sarah Jane Ross Art

Sarah Jane Ross is a visual artist and community arts practitioner based in Bridport, West Dorset, UK.  

Her artwork  is influenced by nature and its stories. It is art that asks questions and aims to raise awareness and challenge the viewer, whilst being enjoyable aesthetically. Art needs context and meaning. 

The ‘Enclosure Acts’ paintings consider the Acts’ effects on the landscape and people asks us to question trespassing, livelihoods and freedom.

Comparisons have been made to Folk Art and Aboriginal Art. There is a folk rhythm to her paintings, with the steady marks, and the rhythm of the seasons. Her work references nature, the land, the food, the flora and the fauna. 

As a Community Arts Practitioner, Sarah Jane specializes in working with older adults (including regular art classes in West Dorset care homes) and has delivered classes to people from diverse backgrounds (including those with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health issues and living with dementia). She is passionate about making art accessible.

Sarah Jane has studied with the University of the Creative Arts, the University of Exeter and The Art Institute, London.

Her work has been exhibited across the South West, including on a cross-channel ferry and in printer’s letterpress compartments – and she’s also roller-skated in the Tate Modern! Sarah Jane exhibits regularly at Sou’-Sou’-West Contemporary Arts Gallery, Symondsbury, Dorset and Art Unlimited, Bridport, Dorset.

Transformer of natural found things and creative in everything she does