Bridport Open Studios 2017

How was my first Bridport Open Studios (BOS)? An exhilarating experience!

I shared Venue 35 (Grasmere) with the fabulous Megan Dunford and we had over 100 visitors during the 7 days we were open.

We both made several sales, including one of my pieces (Common People: Do we need apples?) going to Germany!

It was incredibly useful to gain feedback on the work. Grasmere’s ‘gallery’ space really helped to present it.

We received some wonderful feedback in our comments book, including:

  • “Beautiful art and space, too many favourites to mention!”
  • “A really interesting exhibition, the two artists complement each other well. Very original approach.”
  • “Wonderful, uplifting, funny, eloquent”
  • “Love the images, sculptures and humour!”
  • “So enjoyed seeing your work and chatting with you. Made our day!”
  • “Love the work! I feel energised and inspired by this lovely exhibition! Great! Thank you!”
  • “Really great to see fresh work by the younger artists in town – thank you, enjoyed it all very much”
  • “Really interesting work. Lots of different techniques and aspects to enlighten and challenge! Had a great conversation about the art. Well worth a visit!”
  • “Beautiful space which is well lit, brings out the textures within the work. Both artists work blends very well together.”
  • “Two talented ladies!”
  • “Refreshing to see artists working with ideas as well as observation Nice to look and be made to think.”

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